Terms & Conditions

In our provisions for general terms and conditions regarding our website, software, payments and contract terms. We do not share personal contact information with external parties and keep your details confidential. We accept payments through only well established and secure payment gateways. Our website uses encryption for all interactions and we also encrypt email messages.

Every project is unique and has its own unique requirements. We provide contracts or a SOW (Statement of Work) for any project that requires scope. Payment terms are flexible, based on the customers requirements and are pre-arranged before execution of work.

Our hourly rate includes, but is not limited to research, related project scope, requirement gathering, planning time and execution/delivery. We can provide full project management services for web, software, multimedia and graphic projects. We build code based on your needs thorough careful analyze and project review. We will let you know if your project is not a good fit for us. We work with many budgets.

We provide working, error tested solutions. As our plugins/modules are specific to the site, platform or project, all sales are final. If you have any issues with your module or plugin, contact us and we can provide support.

We are here to help!